• White Teeth For Life
    WHITE FOR LIFE is a program to encourage
    our patients in Austin, Cedar Park, and
    Lakeway to come in and have their teeth
    cleaned regularly. You know you need
    to, so why not enjoy whiter teeth, too?

    Become a member today!
  • White Teeth For Everyone
    Become a member of our White for Life club.

    Every time you come in to have your teeth
    cleaned, we will give you a FREE tube of
    teeth whitening jel.
    You know you need to have those teeth
    cleaned. Teeth whitening actually
    works best soon after having your
    teeth cleaned.

You can have WHITE TEETH FOR LIFE at
Austin Smile Center

Everyone wants whiter teeth, but no one wants to give up the foods they enjoy. We have created our White For Life program to help you enjoy the whitest smile possible. Anyone can enjoy whiter teeth, but we recommend this program for those patients that have stopped growing so that their jaws are no longer changing.

How it works: When you sign up for $249, we make teeth whitening trays for you and give you whitening gel to start. Every time you come in to have your teeth cleaned, we give you another tube of teeth whitener. If you come in twice a year, that's two free tubes of whitening. For our patients that come in four times a year, that's four tubes of whitening!

Now you can enjoy that wine and that coffee, knowing that your next round of teeth whitening is just around the corner.


Also check out the new ZOOM! whitening pen for whitening on the go.

zoom whitening pen

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