• dental implants are your clear choice for a nicer smile Extended evening hours
    until 6pm Tues/Thurs

    Dental implants are strong replacements
    for your natural teeth. In fact, you
    are more likely to break the porcelain
    crown than the titanium implant.
  • affordable dental implants and crowns Worn Out Teeth
    Dental implants can be part of a
    comprehensive plan to restore your--
    worn out smile. We can combine
    implant technology with modern
    crown and bridge technology to fill in
    gaps and spaces and to get you
    smiling again!
  • replacement teeth in same day Accidents
    We can give you replacement teeth
    on the same day in many cases--
    all it takes is a little planning.
    This guy left our office with two
    temporary crowns. Shown here are
    his final restorations and about
    three months of facial hair!
  • clear choice with dental implants Implants for Back Teeth
    The premolar is a back tooth, but it is
    often in the smile zone. Patients
    enjoy increased chewing efficiency as
    well as a nicer smile with replacement
    of these teeth.
  • temporary crown for dental implant Temps on Same Day
    Even our plastic temporary crowns
    look as good or BETTER than what
    Most patients had when we started.
    On the left is a cracked root canal.
    On the right is the new implant and
    temporary crown. These temps take
    about an hour to make.
  • replacing multiple teeth with implant supported bridgeDental Implants for Bridges
    Two dental implants can be used to support
    multiple missing teeth. Here you can see
    two implants replacing the lower four!

Affordable Dental Implants at Austin Smile Center

Dr. Watson is your clearchoice when it comes to affordable tooth implants.

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Patient broke tooth and was restored with natural-looking dental implant and porcelain crown. Photos belong to Austin Smile Center and Dr. Greg Watson.


Beware of out-of-town dentists offering lower prices. If you don't see the dentist's name on their website, then be very suspicious. Check their online reviews. All dentists get one or two negative reviews due to misunderstandings about money or insurance, but if there is a pattern of poor patient care you will see it. Dr Watson places dental implants, and he restores them. Don't be a victim of the "blame game" played between oral surgeons and restorative dentists. Dr. Watson will be responsible for your treatment from start to finish.


Got Questions? Call us to schedule your free consult and xray! We are always excited to talk to people about dental implants!

Can't get off work? Austin Smile Center is open until 6pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call us at (512)506-9800.


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Missing teeth can make smiling embarrassing. Missing teeth can also make it difficult to chew, and may cause problems with your TMJ (jaw joint). It is important to fill any spaces between your teeth to maintain your smile and to keep your chewing balanced.

Dental implants are often used to replace teeth when root canals go bad. Sometimes a root-canaled tooth will break off at the gumline, or sometimes root-canaled teeth just stop working the way they should. In Austin and Cedar Park, dental implants for tooth replacement can keep you smiling and chewing like you should. Dr. Greg Watson wants to be Austin's best source for dental implants.




A dental implant

is a titanium screw that replaces the root of your natural teeth.Once the implant heals and fuses with the bone, it is stronger than the original tooth and can easily be restored. Complete healing and fusion with the bone usually takes 3-4 months. The surgery sounds painful, but it is usually easier than the original extraction, as there is no open wound to slow healing. Our patients routinely tell us that the surgery was much easier and the healing less painful than expected. Many times, only Advil is needed for the mild post-op soreness.


Dr. Greg Watson

has been placing and restoring dental implants since 2002. Some dentists place dental implants; other dentists restore dental implants. Why go to 2 different offices and suffer the excuse of the "blame game"? We are an all-inclusive dental implant office, so you can expect NO EXCUSES from us.

We are located near Lakeline Mall and Cedar Park, and only a short drive from Lakeway and the Four Points area. Give us a call to schedule a free consult so that we can show you what we can do for your smile!

If you need help with financing, you can visit the CARECREDIT website to apply for 12 months 0% int financing.

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