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  • braces in austin Braces
    Braces are a reliable way to straighten
    your teeth.

    And they don't get lost or stepped on.
  • adult and teen orthodontics Braces
    Not everyone has the discipline
    to wear invisalign appliances.
    Traditional braces are still used
    in teens and adults to straighten

Braces and orthodontics at
Austin Smile Center for only $199 / month

Despite the advances in Invisalign technology, braces are still used for many patients.
Braces are easier to finance in office than Invisalign because there are no huge lab bills.
Braces work 24/7 so patient compliance is usually not an issue.
Braces work even when kids are growing.
Braces don't get left in napkins after meals.


Q. Why should I see a general dentist and not a specialist for my orthodontic treatment?

A. An orthodontist is a specialist in orthodontics. This means they specialize in braces. A dentist cannot legally specialize in one area of dentistry and still do other dentistry. That would not be a specialization. Because of this, an orthodontist is not allowed to fill teeth, extract teeth, or even clean teeth. An orthodontist cannot perform root canal therapy or place dental implants or even whiten teeth! At Austin Smile Center, we do all of the above.
The number one problem we see with orthodontic treatment is cavities that form between teeth during treatment. When it is time for your regular 3 or 6 month cleaning, we will remove your wires so that we can clean your teeth better. You will not get that service at a specialist's office. In the past, you would see the orthodontist to remove the wires, drive to your dentist's office for the cleaning, then drive back to the orthodontist's office to have the wires put back on with new o-rings. Wouldn't it be a lot simpler to just see one dentist for all your dental needs? 90% of orthodontic cases can be handled by properly trained general dentists, so give us a call to see what braces can do for you!


Austin Smile Center is located in the HEB shopping center where you probably already shop. Stop by and do your shopping, grab some lunch at Rudino's or Torchy's Tacos, or maybe even a coffee at Starbucks.


No contracts!

No Credit Checks!

No down payment!

Most cases finished in under 24 months. Give us a call to set up your appointment today!

braces  $99 month

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