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Invisalign at Austin Smile Center

Austin Smile Center is a premier provider dental office for Invisalign. This means we do a lot of Invisalign. Whether you have an easy or a hard case, we can be your dentist. We tackle many of the cases that other offices are afraid of. The above patients are actual patients that Austin Smile Center has treated. We do not used stock photos provided to us by Invisalign. Whether you are from Austin, Lakeway, Cedar Park or Round Rock, Austin Smile Center can straighten that smile!

How much does Invisalign cost?

Well, that depends on how much crowding or spacing you have.

Less than 1mm of crowding or space can be fixed quickly, usually for $2000 using the new Invisalign 5. If you have one or two teeth that have always bothered you then this might be what you need.

1-2 mm of crowding can take several months to fix at a cost of $3000. If you had braces before and didn't wear your retainers, then this is probably where you fit. There are some relapse cases that are worse than others...

3-5 mm of crowding can take a year and cost $5000. If you never had braces but you were told that you needed them, then this is probably you. About half of our Invisalign patients fall into this category.

If you have more than 5mm of crowding, treatment time can take 18-24 months. We love these patients because they make the best before-and-after photos and they tell everyone how great we are! Because of this, we offer our service for these "extreme smiles" for only $1000 more than our regular cases.

Beware of promotions where other dental office promises $500 off your treatment, only to jack up the price to begin with. Give us a call to schedule your FREE consult and Austin Smile Center will give you our "no-bull" pricing. We want our patients to give us rave reviews, and hidden fees and charges are NOT the way for dental offices to do this.


Affordable Invisalign in Austin


Austin Smile Center will be offering IN-HOUSE financing for Invisalign until April 30, 2018 with $1995 down payment ($995 down for Invisalign Express). If you have insurance benefits, your down payment will be even less!


Financing will be based on duration (months) of treatment. If your Invisalign treatment is going to cost $3000 and the treatment is going to take 6 months then your down payment will be $750 and your monthly payment $375. If you have dental insurance, then these payments will be less! Call us for a free consult!


also available:

No Down Payment and 12 months 0% interest through CareCredit.

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